How to Move with an Aquarium

From Fish Bowls to Custom Aquariums

How to Move with an Aquarium
Aquariums provide enjoyment for adults and children alike all around the world, but unfortunately, few people know how to move with an aquarium. The process can seem difficult, but thankfully, National Van Lines is here to share some simple, efficient tips to help you get your aquarium to your new location with ease. In addition to this service, we also offer full-service household moving solutions:

For Local Moves

If you’re moving a short distance, simply empty your aquarium and move your fish to a small container that can handle water. Keep in mind that some fish may need conditioned water, and not all fish will be happy in small, closed environments. Research the needs of your specific fish before removing them from the aquarium. Keep all of the filters, coral, and other attributes of the tank inside during the move. If packing an aquarium, make sure you mark the box with “fragile” to avoid potential breakage.

For Longer Moves

If you’re planning for a long distance moving experience, make sure you purchase a quality container to place your fish in during your relocation. Disassemble your aquarium completely and pack each item into a secure container. Mark each container or box with its contents, and ensure that your mover understands that you will need these items as soon as possible after arriving at your destination. You may choose to keep your fish with you in the front seat of the vehicle you are driving or riding in so that you can keep an eye on it.

For International Moves

If you need to bring your fish along for international moving services, keep in mind that many countries have import restrictions on certain breeds of fish and animals, so always do your research first. Keep an adequate supply of fish food available at all times during your international move so that you can provide for your fish until your aquarium arrives and can be set back up.

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