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Moving Plan Broadview IL
If you're in need of moving services at National Van Lines, you may be wondering where to begin? The first and most important thing to do is choose your mover. Once you've done that, help is on the way! We believe there are many reasons to choose National Van Lines. It is important for you to know your rights and responsibilities when you move.

How to Pack

Once you’ve chosen your mover, it’s time to think about how to pack. We can help there, too. From what size boxes to use to how to wrap specific items, we have tips and tools to help. Or, we can pack for you. National Van Lines provides the finest in safe and professional packing services.

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What Not to Ship

It is also important to understand right at the start what not to ship. You’ll want to make a list of those items and either eliminate them or arrange for their safe transport.

Moving Timeline

One of the most useful tools we’ve found to help our clients is our moving timeline. This will help you stay on track week by week and day by day ahead of your move, so you won’t have any surprises on moving day.

Finally, we know that just as no two families are alike, neither are any two moves. You may be wondering how to move with children or the elderly. You may be downsizing or moving your home office. Often moving includes transporting family valuables or other precious items. And let’s not forget our precious pets. We know moving day means special care and consideration for them as well.

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