What Are Customers Saying About NVL?

"My dining table and chairs (over 60 years old) were delivered in excellent condition."
Customer Anne D. Says:
Origin Location: Bluffdale, UT
Booking Agent: Moving Services, Inc.
Sales Representative: Brandon P.
Driver: Amos W.
"I was very pleased with the pick up and delivery of my furniture. Dave was also very professional and provided me with a fair estimate."
Customer Bari W. Says:
Origin Location: New Port Richey, FL
Booking Agent: Vanguard Logistics
Sales Representative: Dave A.
Driver: Nablebo W.
"The delivery driver was extremely professional and pleasant. I would give him a higher rating if I could."
Customer David M. Says:
Origin Location: Lincoln, CA
Booking Agent: Lake City Transfer
Sales Representative: Mark G.
Driver: Amos W.
"My driver was phenomenal! I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a mover."
Customer Reed M. Says:
Origin Location: Walnut Creek, CA
Booking Agent: Moovers, Inc.
Sales Representative: Keith D.
Driver: Amos W.
"Kathryn was excellent! Overall, the move was far beyond superior. Kate and John worked everything out so my relocation was excellent and less stressful. Thank you!"
Customer Ericka L. Says:
Origin Location: Fredericks, VA
Booking Agent: J. Barber Moving and Storage
Sales Representative: Richard W.
Driver: Jonathan P.