What Are Customers Saying About NVL?

"We were very, very happy with Jonathan and his crew on both ends of the move. We recommend you for having such exceptional employee and customer service. Jonathan is one of the hardest workers I have ever seen. Thank you very much for a job well done."
Customer Mary Ellen R. Says:
Origin Location: New Smyrna, FL
Booking Agent: All Star Movers
Sales Representative: Mike B.
Driver: Ronnie C.
"Brian is the best agent. He did a great job and all his helpers were hardworking and wonderful to work with. Brian did a fantastic job."
Customer Robert K. Says:
Origin Location: Summerville, SC
Booking Agent: New Jersey Coast Transfer Co.
Sales Representative: Brian D.
Driver: Jose R.
"As a former Navy wife, with 30 years of experience and more than 30 moves, I can't speak highly enough about Ms. Carroll and Mr. Pugh. I have never had my furniture packed so carefully and had it arrive damage free!"
Customer Sonya S. Says:
Origin Location: Pleasant, SC
Booking Agent: American Moving and Storage
Sales Representative: Kathy C.
Driver: Reginald P.
"The people from your company that came and packed everything were excellent! They were kind, had a great attitude and did a very good job. We had a wonderful experience with both Johnnie T. Melia and National Van Lines. Thanks for all your help!"
Customer Bart W. Says:
Origin Location: Houston, TX
Booking Agent: Johnnie T. Melia Moving and Storage
Sales Representative: Brandon M.
Driver: Damon C.
"I have moved several times over the years and this was the best moving experience I've ever had. A long distance move, on time and delivered at a reasonable price. Paul, my salesperson, and John, my driver, are the best. Many thanks to them for making the job go so smoothly."
Customer Sue P. Says:
Origin Location: Brandenton, FL
Booking Agent: National Van Lines
Sales Representative: Paul G.
Driver: Jonathan E.