What Not to Ship

At National Van Lines, we’re proud to have an excellent safety record, and we abide by legal standards as set by the moving industry. Not only is this part of our commitment to professionalism and employee safety, but also of diligence on our customers’ part. We want to make your residential or commercial move as easy as possible, and so we have a number of stipulations regarding what we can and can’t ship. Our movers are also required by law to avoid certain objects, items, and substances, and in these circumstances, we have no choice but to disallow contraband.

By law, movers may not transport hazardous materials, such as:

To learn more about the items that are on our “do not ship” list, contact National Van Lines by calling 877-590-2810. We can answer any questions you may have before you begin planning your move. See more of our packing tips in our extensive packing guide.