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3 Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Cheap Long Distance Moving Services

When you have a big move coming up, you want to save money in any way possible. Your budget can be blown quickly if you aren’t careful, and when it comes to long distance moving services, you don’t want to cut corners. At National Van Lines, we know that the best service is important to our customers. Going with a cheap moving company may seem like a good idea, but could end up causing you more problems than it solves.

Unlicensed Amateurs

Proper moving techniques are necessary to ensure that your belongings are safe and secure during transit. When you hire discount long distance moving services, you are much more likely to hire someone who does not have the necessary licensure and experience to prevent damage or loss.

No Contracts

You may be thrilled not to have to sign a contract, but that can be a sign that there is something amiss with the cheap moving company you have hired. Without a contract, you have no legal power to be reimbursed if something gets broken, stolen or goes missing during the move. Typically, paying more for moving professionals is required to offset the cost of damages, covering both you and the professionals.

Increased Likelihood of Fraud

All low-cost movers do not commit fraud, but the percentage that are fraudulent is much higher than with reputable companies. Once you load your things into an unmarked moving van, you are no longer in control of your possessions. Some companies trick their customers into paying to track their belongings or retrieve them. In the end, you could end up spending more than if you had hired a professional moving team in the first place.

At National Van Lines, we offer long distance moving services for our clients so that they don’t have to worry about that aspect of their move. Contact us at 877-590-2810 to find out more about the services that we offer.

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