7 Top Tips on Moving Abroad After COVID-19:

Moving AbroadMoving can be stressful, even when everything is going right! But what happens when you have to move post-pandemic? Sure the worst is over; however, many guidelines and rules still exist. The Pandemic took hold of millions of people, isolating many in their borders or forcing people out of their homes. Fortunately, many countries are starting to control the virus and allowing people to cross borders. Now that we see the smoke clear, we can move forward. You can finally begin planning to travel or move to a new destination. However, we must remember to take precautions. There are still many travel restrictions to follow. Local moves are easier to plan, but if you are moving long-distance or overseas, KEEP READING!


7 Top Tips:

  1. Make sure it’s safe to move! 
  2. Determine if your move is legal.
  3. Understand all the essential government rules and policies if you move to a new country.
  4. Prepare your insurance.
  5. Communicate with Your Travel Company
  6. Don’t move if you are sick!
  7. Follow the rules during your relocation.

For the most part, lockdown is over and traveling abroad is permitted.

  1. Make sure it’s safe to move.
    Safety for your family and yourself is the main priority. Ensure that your chosen destination is safe and that the authorities manage any signs of COVID-19 in the community. If you want to double-check, click here for more information on the safety of different territories. Also, ensure that your presence will not affect the safety of others. There will always be a risk of danger when you travel, whether it be illness or technical issues like a tire popping because of glass on the road. We suggest figuring out the safest countries to move to, as well as the most dangerous countries. Regardless of illness, ensure you’re not moving to warzones or extreme weather areas!
  2. Determine if your move is legal:  
    Communities and overall governments worldwide continually modify their regulations for incoming and outgoing travelers as they adapt to post-pandemic. Many borders are back open, but make sure you know the exact process to ensure your move is legal.
  3. Understand all the essential government rules and policies if you move to a new country:                                                      Imagine getting to your destination and having your access denied because you needed to fill in the correct forms or you were not wearing the right clothes. For example, you get fined over $25,000 for breaking any rules during quarantine.
  4. Prepare your Insurance:
    If anything happens during your trip, ensure you have insurance ready. You never know when illness can strike. Even though we are post-pandemic, we occasionally see people get the virus. Make it your goal to get your travel insurance and any other insurance you think is right for you. It’s better to be safe than sorry when moving to a new country.
  5. Communicate with Your Travel Company:
    Make sure to have your travel company’s contact information readily available. Professional movers will have insight into your travels. Keep in touch with anyone waiting for you at your new home or destination. Your travel arrangements can get delayed. Make sure you can contact your boss or any other important people!
  6. Are You Sick? Hold off travels if you can!
    Unfortunately, your relocation might have to wait if you get sick. Although international travelers no longer need to provide a negative COVID-19 test in the United States, your new destination might have different rules. Waiting before you travel overall lowers the risk of spreading disease. Now, if you’re traveling and notice others traveling when ill, make sure to have a mask handy to protect you from some airborne diseases.
  7. In General, Follow the Rules While Moving Abroad:                                                                                                                                  If you are ready to move, review these tips and follow the rules of your new destination. Remember, prevention is the best defense against illness!                                                                


Although most travel restrictions have lessened or are over, prepare yourself. Moving abroad is a challenging task. Stick to these tips we’ve outlined, and your move abroad will work out fantastic! Are you looking to move abroad? Click here to learn more about our International Moving Services.

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