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Big Ticket Items to Wait on Purchasing When Moving Long Distance

If you are planning to move cross country, chances are you started planning for your move months in advance. Unfortunately, life has a funny way of throwing curveballs at us. If you are just a handful of months out of your big, long distance move and find yourself in immediate need of a large, expensive item, think carefully about your next steps. The most convenient purchase in the moment might add unnecessary stress to your move.

Reduce the stress of moving day by considering the impact large purchases will have on your move. Balance your need with the impact are large or bulky item might have on your moving experience.

Cars and Motor Vehicles

Being without a car can feel isolating. If you suddenly find yourself in need of a new car just months before your big move, think carefully about what you buy. If you plan on driving yourself to your new address, you’ll rack up a lot of miles on anything you purchase. Some families who move cross country choose to pack their car, along without their other belongings, with a national van line. While this saves your car from a dramatic mileage increase, it will cost you. Professional movers charge by weight and particularly bulky items can result in additional charges.

The best idea is to consider buying a cheap car or renting a car to use for the short period of time you have before the move. These options won’t result in extra charges or cause extensive wear and tear on a new vehicle. Ask around and see if you can find a car rental or leasing company that has a location near your current address and your new one. If you can, it’s in your best interests to avoid purchase a new car just before a move.

Televisions and Media Centers

We live in an electronic age and chances are you have some heavy technology to pack with your mover. If you find yourself in need of a new television a month or two before a new move, consider waiting until your cross country move is over before making a purchase.

The cost of transporting a television may not seem like a lot, especially because many flat screen T.V.s tend to be lighter appliances. The catch comes with the delicacy of the electronics. Certain televisions, such as plasmas, must be transported upright. Given the value and fragility of many TVs, you’ll want to make a point of asking your mover for valuation and protection options. This will of course be an added charge, but it’s a far better option than losing a new TV.

Clearly, you should go without the TV if you can. You’ll save yourself the stress and cost of moving it across the country. If you can’t live without a television preceding your move, buy something small and cheap. Make your large electronic purchase after your move.

Major Appliances

Like cars, major household appliances, such as refrigerators and dishwashers, can be heavy, bulky items for your professional moving company to pack, resulting in additional charges. Check over your budget and compare the cost of living without to the price of transportation. If you’ve lost an appliance critical to food storage or preparation you may have to adjust your meals or eat out more often until you move.

If you’ve just started to plan for a long distance move and have more than three months before your move date, replacing the appliance may prove to be your best option. You may even be able to use the appliance to get more for your home when you sell.

Large and bulky items can add unnecessary stress and expense to a long distance move. While living without can be inconvenient, you’ll save money in the long run. If you can’t survive through moving day without one of these items, consider purchasing something temporary or used. Plan on buying the true replacement once you reach your destination.

There are plenty of goods to think about whenever you are shifting, thus why not permit our experts at National Van Lines to take away some of the worry for you? Give us a call at (800) 676-9270.

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