Moving Tips

How To Lighten The Load And Declutter Before Moving

Moving is one of the most stressful events for families of any size. Even before packing, there’s the planning, the numerous phone calls for services of all types at the new location, selecting schools, and finding a new place to live. It’s an undertaking made all the more daunting as…


Why An Off-Season Move Makes Sense

Most people probably think summertime is the ideal time to move. The weather is predictably nice, and the roads are insanely crowded with other people trying to move. As it turns out, summer may not always be the best time to move. Consumers who want to schedule their move with…


Packing Tips for an Organized Move

Whether you're moving across town, out of state, or out of the country, good planning and organization can alleviate a lot of stress. Hiring qualified residential movers such as National Van Lines (who know "loads" of packing tips) will ensure that your move is smooth, fast, and worry-free. A big…


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