How to Pack A Crush-Resistant Box

The phrase, “thinking outside the box,” describes unconventional thinking. Effectively packing your belongings for the big move, however, relies on tried-and-true methods for accomplishing the job. Use quality packing boxes material and method Two factors play into whether packed boxes will hold up during a move: material and method. On…


What Is Moving Valuation?

At National Van Lines, we've dedicated the last 85 years to providing professional moving with great customer service. Moving Valuation Coverage versus Insurance Believe it or not, insurance developed as early as 2,000 BCE to reduce the risk for merchants who needed their items shipped across the water. Ship captains…


How to Move Your Home Appliances and Electronics

It can be challenging to learn how to move your home appliances and electronics, but a few tips and tricks can make your move simple and easy. As with any large, unconventionally shaped, or particularly valuable items, it’s always worth hiring a professional mover to help. Professional moving services have…


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