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How to Choose a Corporate Relocation Specialist

Moving a business is complicated, and it can be helpful to have guidance when choosing a corporate relocation specialist. Corporate relocation specialists can provide a customized process for moving key personnel, transferring important assets, and minimizing service disruption.

Features and Services

Every business is unique, and finding a corporate mover will always start with a self-assessment. Consider your assets, employees, location, timeframe, and financial expectations when reaching out for your first quote or estimate. Create a checklist with any specific needs and requests your company requires, and reach out to a representative for an on-site inspection and quote.

Specialized industries such as healthcare, hospitality, and retail may have specific transportation or storage needs, and a national mover in your industry might have valuable experience to draw from.  Normal office equipment needs to be insured and properly transported, although it may be cheaper for some items to be sold and bought at a new location.

Finally, go over your checklist with your moving company to find out the limits of coverage for your items, and ask about auxiliary services such as. Unpacking can be time-consuming, so for a fee moving companies will setup your office equipment at your new location.

Retain Key Talent

Your employees and talent are essential for a smooth transition, and corporate relocation specialists can create bundled packages of services to make the process welcoming and transparent. Support for families with children, pets, or other specialized moving needs can help retain key employees during the relocation.

Choose a national moving company with human resources experience. Helpful relocation services can be a deciding factor, and Move Managers need to work closely with HR to predetermine options and add-ons for each level of an employee being relocated. Your HR department can reach out with a simple survey to find ways to make a move easier for employees.

Operations and Reputations

Corporate relocation specialists understand that time is money, and experienced move manager will work hard to minimize downtime. Some movers offer warehousing and distribution services to keep your business running smoothly after arrival, and if they usually travel between your two locations, they may have referrals for additional services and help.

Service is vital for any contract of this scale. When you receive your quote, ask about customer service availability and hours — and always make sure someone is available during the move. Moving and storage companies need to be licensed for each state they drive through. Ask about an online portal for payment methods or direct billing.

Finally, when you’re choosing the best national moving company, a dependable reputation is everything. Commercial business moving is complex, and investing in professionals can save time, money, and peace of mind for your company.

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