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How To Get Ready For Corporate Relocation

Corporate relocation can bring exciting career development, scenery, and exciting new opportunities for personal growth. As with any move, there can be a myriad of details to take care of, so we’ve included tips for corporate relocation that will help with the transition.

House and Home

Packing, storage, and moving companies will be valuable allies throughout the moving process. We’ve recently covered factors to consider while choosing a moving company, but there are always details outside of the actual moving process that need to be remembered.

After you’ve forward your mail and turned off your utilities, you’ll want to call your bank to schedule your change of billing address. Make a list of any online or payment services you use and update your address via the web or customer support. If a change in billing address conflicts with the date of an important payment, work with the bank or service provider to find a solution.

Don’t forget to take advantage of career resources at your job. Ask for referrals and a key contact to get in touch with once you’re settled in. Leverage your professional network – both inside and out of the office – to meet people in your new location and build relationships right away.

Financial Logistics

One upside of corporate relocation will be on your tax return next year. Keep track of expenses – including receipts – and work with your accountant or wealth manager to recoup your moving costs. If you’ve sold your home and ended your homeowner’s insurance contract, make sure you have renter’s insurance for the move.

Renter’s insurance provides extra protection for your possessions – as well as personal liability. Your automobile insurance rates will also change with a new geographical location, so now is also a great time to compare quotes and find a competitive rate. Most insurance companies have state regulated discounts for bundled services, so a corporate relocation can also be a chance to save money over the long term.

If you’re moving to another country, make sure you have an advisor or liaison to help you with the customs, immigration, and visas you’ll need. This is especially important if you’re bringing pets or household plants. If your company has a large international presence, it’s likely that your peers in your professional network will have experience and helpful advice for the international move.

Join A Community

One of the hardest parts about corporate relocation is the social adjustment to a new workplace and geographic location. If you’re moving with a family, plan with your significant other to find a community for yourself and your children. After-school programs, non-profit volunteer opportunities, and sports leagues can be great places to meet new people.

Get to know your neighbors during the moving process. Not only will they welcome you to the neighborhood, but they may invite you to events and even help you get settled. If you’re moving with a pet, make sure you have any required immunizations or medical records.

Finally, take initiative to meet your new coworkers and really join the team. After-hours hangouts, team lunches, and company events are a great way to make your new office feel like home. It can be intimidating meeting the new talent, so remember that your new coworkers may just be waiting for you to make the first move!

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