Moving Guide

How Should I Take Care of My Pets During a Move?

FAQ | Deidra Pierson

Moving often represents a major change not only for you, but also for your pets. With some simple steps, however, you can ensure that your pets remain calm and cared for throughout your move.

If your pets are resistant to change, start helping them get used to the idea of moving by bringing boxes into your home early. On your moving day, leave your pets at a friend’s house or put them in a pen or crate to keep them from getting nervous or in the way. Be sure to tell your National Van Lines agent about any pets that will be on site so that our team can take extra precautions to ensure a smooth, safe and efficient moving process.

If you are planning to take your dogs or cats on a long road trip, familiarize them with their travel crates well in advance. Place their food bowl inside and allow them to eat their meals with the door shut. When they come out of the crate, reward them with treats and playtime to help them develop positive associations with their travel home.

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