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How to Know If You’re Hiring the Right Long Distance Mover

Long distance relocation can cause personal and financial stress, so you want to ensure that you find the right long distance mover to accompany you. While it’s useful to seek the advice of friends or family who have relocated, remember that every move is unique and requires individual research.

How to Begin

In today’s digital world, it is easier than ever to find the information you need. A basic internet search will provide you with a list of companies, comparison websites, and an abundance of reviews so you can pinpoint a few companies which look best suited to your requirements. From here you should consider:

  • A moving quote – It is important to get an estimation of what the costs of your move will reach. Once you decide on the right long-distance mover, you can contact them to receive a moving quote.
  • Availability – You can propose your planned moving date and schedule to the company to check that their availability suits yours.
  • Valuation – If you are arranging valuation through the company in order to protect your belongings, make sure this is included in your estimated quote. If you are arranging protection for your belongings from an insurance company, now is the time to begin sorting it out.

Trusting Your Long Distance Mover

Just as important as finding a long distance mover who meets your practical requirements is finding someone you can trust to take care of your possessions during the move. Once you have selected a few companies that seem right for you, make sure you meet a representative to establish how comfortable you feel with them before making an agreement. Some ways to identify the trust signals of a quality long distance mover include:

  • Movers who interact with you personally – and don’t then hire a different company to take over your move – this can result in a confusion of expected prices. Make sure that, at the beginning of the process, you check that the company you are talking to is the same one that will carry out the entirety of your move.
  • Be wary of pricing – Ask your long distance mover to be transparent about fees, providing a breakdown of costs rather than a bulk sum so that there is no opportunity for extra fees to be added. This should be apparent in the moving quote but it doesn’t hurt to double check. Don’t be tempted to choose your long distance mover because they appear to offer a lower price than other companies – this may well mean poor service.
  • Work out what exactly they can transport. Ask your long distance mover to be specific about any items they cannot transport (which often includes items such as chemicals, liquor, toxic materials and paint). Gas-powered machinery or equipment must have a purge certificate for a mover to be allowed to transport them. Be sure you work this out before moving day to avoid any stressful scenarios!
  • And finally – consider the transportation of valuables. Here, it is imperative that you trust your mover as it is easy for special items to be damaged during a move. Ask your mover if they have specific procedures for transporting particularly valuable or fragile items – it may be that you have to purchase specific packaging or hire a special service.

Contact National Van Lines to Find out More

It really does pay to put some time into researching the right long distance mover. If you have any more questions about professional moving companies, or need a no-obligation, free moving quote, contact National Van Lines at 877-590-2810.

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