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Making the Move Fun for Children

As stressful as a relocation can be for adults, it can be even more traumatic for children. If a child is leaving the only home he or she has ever known, it can be incredibly upsetting. In many instances, moving with children can be difficult because they feel powerless and have no control. But there are some ways you can make this experience positive and enjoyable for your kids.

Involve them in Decisions

Concentrating on the adventure ahead, rather than only dwelling on the life you’re getting ready to leave behind, can make moving with children much easier. Talk to your kids about what they want in your new home, such as separate rooms for each child, a bigger backyard, pets, a new playroom, etc. You may not be able to accommodate all their wishes, of course, but at least they will feel like they’re a part of the process.

If possible, take your children house hunting in the new city. Older children can also participate in any online house searches you may perform. Bring home some swatches of paint so each child can choose the color of his or her new room.

Saying Goodbye

It wouldn’t be right to completely ignore the home that you’re leaving, since you and your family have loved it for years. But there are ways you can say goodbye that don’t necessarily need to be sad. For example, throw a simple party and invite as many of your children’s friends as possible. This will help provide them a sense of closure.

Take a trip around the old neighborhood and go to some of your favorite parks, restaurants and any other family hangouts. While you don’t want your children to obsess over leaving their home, you also don’t want them to forget where they are from. Help them make memory books with photos of the old home and friends, and have them share their favorite memories during your last meal together before you move.

These are few things you can do to make moving with children a less stressful experience for you and the family. If you have any questions or would like any other moving tips, contact National Van Lines online or call us at 877-590-2810.

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