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National Van Lines Plays Santa

12.20.2005 | News | Deidra Poltersdorf

For the second year, National Van Lines employees celebrated the holiday season by “adopting” children from Prescott Elementary School. Through a program facilitated by the Chicago Sun-Times, National Van Lines delivered presents to 60 children. Many employees were so moved by the response to last year’s program that they sought out the names of additional children so that no one would go “present-less” on Christmas morning. Many thanks to organizers, Judy Pisani, Sue Mackey and Anna Niedholdt, and deliveryman Rich Buti.

Letter from School Principal

The following is from a letter written by the school’s principal, Avelino Martinez:

We are a school with high goals and a hard working student body. Our school is located in a neighborhood that is being gentrified while our students are bussed from many of our impoverished communities. At present our school is part of a wonderful new program, The Chicago Public Scholars Program. The goal of our program is two-fold:

A) The students learn a foreign language, French, so they can function is our new international world community
B) To raise reading and math scores so the students are prepared to enter Chicago’s special baccalaureate program.

I feel it is important to let you know what an important thing you are doing for our students who have so very little at Christmas time. Your generosity creates:

  • A happy Christmas morning
  • A family sharing a joyful moment
  • A child with a smiling face and eyes
  • A mother and father embracing with joy
  • A tree not empty with presents
  • A brother and sister playing together with their new toys
  • A house filled with bliss

How do we say thanks?

With our memories now and in the future, with our letter to you, with happy parents, with the story we will tell our children someday, with the joy in our glowing hearts.

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