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Preparing Children for a Long Distance Move

There’s obviously a lot that goes into any type of relocation, but it’s especially tough if you’re leaving a home and a city you’ve loved for a long time. Add children to the mix and the job becomes that much tougher. However, properly preparing children for a long distance move properly will help make moving day a great deal easier.

What to Do in the Days Leading Up to the Move

You have to keep in mind that your children will feel the impact of your move possibly even more than you will. There’s a very strong likelihood they’ll not only be leaving the only home they’ve ever known, but they’ll also be leaving their friends for good. If you can make the moving experience fun, however, the stress level for everyone will be greatly reduced.

Here are some simple tips for preparing children for a long distance move:

  • If it’s at all feasible, try to bring your children with you when you’re looking for your new home. It will give them a sense of familiarity with where they’re going, plus they’ll feel involved.
  • Ask your children to put together a wish list of what they would like in that new home. For example, they may want a big backyard that will give them a lot of room to run around. Since you’ll have the room, maybe you’ll be able to get them that puppy they’ve always wanted.
  • Give them a say in how their new room will be painted. Make sure you provide a lot of color options so that everyone can agree.
  • When packing, let them sort their own belongings. Have one group of boxes for things you’ll be taking with you and another for items that can be donated. Take them with you to the donation center so they know their possessions will be well taken care of.

Anything that you can think of to keep everyone happy will make the job of preparing children for a long distance move a great deal easier.

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