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Three Ways Overseas Movers Make Relocation a Breeze

Any time you relocate, a lengthy list of tasks becomes your nemesis. On top of the packing and the unpacking, there are address changes, utility notifications and new commutes to plan.

Multiply those challenges times 10, however, with an international move, where issues you’ve never even thought of can come into play.

When you’re moving across the street or around the corner-or even across the country-doing it yourself is often a viable option. But when a move takes you across oceans or into new countries, hiring an experienced mover becomes a necessity, which is where National Van Lines can help.

We can take some of the burden off you so you can focus on the rest of your to-dos. Our team at National Van Lines specializes in moves across the globe.

Here are three ways our staff can help:

  1. Avoid Unforeseen Roadblocks: With international moves, you have to take into account items such as export or import restrictions. Hiring overseas movers means every last detail of your journey will be accounted for, including these possible challenges or pitfalls, and they’re not on your plate to handle.
  1. Expertly Pack Your Household Goods: Preparing for an international move requires special preparation to safeguard your belongings over land, sea and air. For example: furniture will be protected with paper pads and fragile items will be carefully nested in crates.
  1. Store Your Belongings. Many people who move overseas do so on a temporary basis, or do not want to pay to ship all their possessions. With the right moving company, you can coordinate every step of the relocation, even storage of your possessions. Long-term storage solutions are available, which means your items will be safe and sound whenever you return.

There are enough items to worry about when you are relocating to another country, so why not allow our team at National Van Lines to remove some of the hassles for you? Give us a call at (800) 676-9270.


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