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What Types of Items Cannot be Moved on the Truck?

In addition to prohibiting hazardous materials, National Van Lines will not carry any perishable foods. We recommended that you protect any personal or sentimental belongings, including photo albums, jewelry, cash, car keys, and financial or medical records, by carrying them with you rather than loading them onto a moving truck.

For fragile or valuable items that you plan to transport on one of our moving vans, we advise taking some precautions to prevent damage and guarantee a safe and smooth ride. Before the movers start loading your belongings, be sure to mark all boxes containing breakable items as “fragile” with arrows that say “this side up” to ensure that they end up in a protected part of the truck during transport.

If you are moving large belongings of high sentimental value, such as furniture or artwork made by a family member, make sure your mover is aware of those items, and ask about specialty packaging to provide extra protection. List any highly valuable items (those worth more than $100 times their weight in pounds) on the High Value Inventory provided by your mover.

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