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What You’ll Need on Moving Day: Part 2

When moving day arrives, excitement can quickly turn to chaos if you’re not organized.

Here are some more tips that can help make the big day go smoothly and remain stress free.


When the big day comes, you may want to think about arranging for childcare if you have small ones in your home. You more than likely won’t be able to spend a great deal of quality time with them, as you’ll probably have a lot of moving-related concerns to deal with. Once everything is loaded and ready to go, you could make your last stop picking the children up from daycare before you leave town. Other options, of course, would be leaving the children with a trusted friend, neighbor or relative for a few hours.

When the Movers Arrive

There are several things you’ll need to do so that the movers can perform their jobs as efficiently as possible. Here are some of the most important.

  • Talk to the crew chief and go over all paperwork and moving agreement details.
  • Double check to make sure that all of your boxes are properly labeled before they are loaded.
  • Confirm the estimated delivery period for your possessions to arrive at the new home.
  • Make sure the movers have the correct address to the new home. Confirm that they have the right directions.
  • Do a walk-through with the movers to make sure your inventory sheet is correct. Inspect the furniture and other items with them so that you agree on the condition. This will make things much clearer should any sort of damage take place during the move.
  • Provide them with the best phone number to reach you should an emergency take place.

Keep Food and Drinks Handy

If you are moving your refrigerator, it will obviously have to be disconnected. Make some sandwiches the day before, and have fruit and bottled water on hand. Keep everything in a large cooler so that they will be fresh when you need them.

Keep Your Bedding Readily Accessible

A relocation can be an exhausting experience, of course. Make sure that you’ll be able to easily get to your bedding, because there’s a very good chance you’re not going to want to do anything but sleep once you get to your new home. You’ll also want to make sure you have plenty of towels readily accessible for showering.

If you would like more tips on how to make moving day a lot easier, call National Van Lines at 877-590-2810.

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