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Where Can You Find Long Distance Moving Tips

There are many items to consider when moving cross country, from how should pack your belongings to finding a home at your new destination. Millions of people make a long distance move every year with minimal stress. The best moving tips come from people who have been there and industries who assist families on their journey.

Here at National Van Lines, we provide moving guides and timelines to help make planning your move easier. There are many excellent sources out there for long distance moving information. If you are looking for moving tips specific to your unique move, trying the following sources.

Real Estate Agents

Used to preparing people for a new home, your real estate agent will likely have solid information to help you during your move. Ask what their clients experience during cross country moves and inquire about van lines and professional movers. Keep in mind that some real estate agents may partner with others involved in the moving industry. They’re information is valuable, but be sure to do your own research on moving companies before making your final decisions.

If you don’t have a real estate agent or would like a second, unbiased opinion from that industry, look online for real estate blogs. As moving is a huge part of buying a new house, many of these blogs may have moving tips and case studies you can read for more information on cross country moving.

Professional Moving Companies and Van Lines

Van lines specialize in long-distance moves. Working with families, corporate relocations and more, they are full of information on moving cross country. Most national van lines post moving and packing tips on their website and may also have other resources, such as blogs and testimonials. They understand better than anyone else all that is involved in moving cross country.

If you are looking for information specific to your move, contact a van line agent. With a long history of moving families cross country, they will have the greatest moving tips and knowledge.

Word of Mouth

While you may have mad Googling skills in your search for moving tips, nothing can replace real experiences from family and friends. Speaking with someone who has made a long distance move before can provide valuable information you may not find online. Moving your memories cross country is a personal experience. Close friends and family will be able to give you advice that is specific to your personality and the reasons behind the move.

It’s not every day you move cross country so it’s understandable to search for as much information as possible before a move. Many active in the moving industry are full of information and regularly publish online, if you know where to look. Pay attention to the moving tips listed on real estate and national van line websites and don’t forget to ask friends and family for help.

If you need advice for your long distance move, why not let National Van Lines answer your questions. Give us a call at (800) 676-9270.

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