Extended Protection Program - Moving Valuation

Moving Valuation for Your International Move

Moving is often a stressful ordeal and the further the moving distance, the greater degree of anxiety to a move. International shipments typically travel over large distances using many different types of transport, so securing a higher level of coverage can provide some much-needed peace of mind. National Van Lines offers an excellent Extended Protection Program for extended moving valuation coverage protection during international relocations. The program is based on full replacement value coverage in the country of your target destination.

Why Should You Apply for Moving Valuation?

National Van Lines has a very low claims ratio due to the quality packing materials, extremely experienced staff, and the best transportation services for overseas shipments. However, there are a few key reasons why we recommend securing extra coverage for your international move.

  • In most cases, your homeowners’ insurance policy will not cover loss and damage to your household goods and possession during transit.
  • Basic coverage is included in our international moving services. However, if your shipment contains a large volume of items or valuable items, basic coverage may not be sufficient.
  • Our professional movers will take every precaution to eliminate risks; however, unforeseen circumstances could still occur during international moves. Applying for additional moving valuation to insure all aspects of your international move can ensure you are adequately compensated for loss or damage that may occur during unavoidable circumstances.

How Much Does Moving Valuation Cost?

The cost of our Extended Protection Program will vary depending on the value of your shipment, the weight, the options you select and your destination country. Regardless of your requirements and the choices you choose for your extended moving valuation, the total cost for coverage will only be a small fraction of your actual moving cost. It is well worth the additional peace of mind!

How To Apply for the Extended Protection Program

To obtain moving valuation and full replacement value coverage from our Extended Protection Program, you will need to submit an Inventory Valuation form or declare a lump sum value. Your National Van Lines move coordinator will assist you with the completion of your inventory valuation or help you determine a lump sum value.

Prepare an Inventory Valuation Form

An Inventory Valuation can be completed by using our form or creating your own list. The list will need to contain all items to be shipped and the estimated cost to replace it in your destination country.

Declare a Lump Sum Value

To indicate a replacement value on a lump sum basis, you will need to determine the total value of your shipment. This is done by multiplying the total weight of your shipment (in pounds) by US$10, and declaring this value on your application. This method does not require you to complete an inventory valuation form.

Other Considerations

  • For either method, items that are unique or cost more than US$1,500 must be inventoried separately with an estimated replacement value declared.
  • The program does not provide coverage for money, securities, valuable papers, documents or data stored on tapes or disks. These items should be carried with you for maximum protection.
  • Pets, plants and perishable items are also not covered by the program and should not be included in the inventory list.