Shipment Tracking With National Van Lines

GPS Accuracy Anytime

What You Need To Know

Thanks to companies like Amazon and UPS, we’ve all grown accustomed to knowing where our packages are and when they’ll arrive. In fact, we’ve all grown to expect that we can logon, type a tracking number and get updates on things we’ve ordered.

In response to your desire to be able to self-serve track your shipments National Van lines has made this same technology available for tracking your household goods shipment as it travels from its origin to your new home.

Unlike personal tracking devices that rely only on WiFi, our GPS trackers work off 5G technology and will fall back to 2G or WiFi giving us the widest possible coverage as your belongings move across the country.

Our GPS system updates every two hours providing you with near real-time tracking.

To get tracking added to your shipment, contact your MovePro!


Tracking FAQ:

Question: How does it work?
Answer: We send you a small tracker the size of a deck of cards in an envelope. Place this in one of your boxes. The tracker will update its location via GPS every 2 hours.

Question: Do I need to send it back?
Answer: Technically you don’t need to send the tracker back. We do however ask that you use the free shipping label to send it back so it can be recycled.

Question: Aren’t your trucks already tracked?
Answer: All of the tractors pulling National shipments have ELD’s (Electronic Logging Devices) that keep track of the trucks and provide us with valuable safety data. We do not track individual shipments. Because that there is a possibility that trailers can change in transit, it becomes impossible to track a shipment on demand. This allows you to get the location data whenever you want it.

Question: Won’t your drivers worry that they are being watched or spied on?
Answer: No! common for the drivers to be tracked via the ELD (Electronic Logging Devices) in their truck. Thanks to Amazon and UPS tracking has become commonplace in freight.

Question: How do I track my shipment?
Answer: Click on the “Customer Service” menu item on the National Van Lines website and select “Shipment Tracking”. On the tracking page, enter your BL# and hit submit. Your tracking data will display on the screen

Question: My shipment is going into storage
Answer: With advanced battery management, the tracker can continue to operate for 4 to 6 months. Once the tracker loses power, we will not be able to continue to offer you tracking through this product.

Question: How does long distance moving work anyway?
Answer: Your belongings are on a large truck that in some cases, may also be carrying the belongings of other families. Because of this, the truck’s route has been optimized to insure on-time delivery for everyone. Please watch this video which explains the long distance moving process.