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10 Items You Should Consider Leaving Behind When Moving

08.01.2014 | Moving Tips | Deidra Poltersdorf

When you are relocating, last-minute loose ends can fray nerves and take you off schedule. Deciding what and what not to pack is often a factor in this. It can be hard to let go of items you have owned for a long time, but by making choices ahead of time, you will save yourself a lot of hassle in the run-up to the move. What’s more, by selling unwanted items you can earn a bit of money to contribute to the cost of moving. Here are some suggestions of things to cut down on:


Top 10 Items to Leave Behind When Moving 

  1. Clothing – It is easy to overdo it when it comes to packing clothes. Take time to assess what items you wear regularly or are particularly fond of, and then donate or sell the rest. Consider the season or the weather in the location you’re moving to help you cut back.
  2. Bulky Items – DVDs and books take up a lot of space when packing, as do large electronic items like unused laptops/desktop computers, or DVD players. These are great things to donate or try to get rid of in a garage sale.
  3. Papers – Obviously, you’ll want to keep important documents with you when moving, such as your marriage license, family birth certificates and financial records. However, less important papers are an unnecessary source of extra weight – consider storing or scanning them into your computer.
  4. Bathroom Items – Half of what is currently in your bathroom cabinets is most likely out of date, unimportant or easily replaceable. If you have expired medications, make sure you dispose of them in the safest manner possible.
  5. Old Furniture – Furniture is often bulky and heavy to transport. Moving to a new home may be the perfect opportunity to let some old pieces go. There are plenty of charitable organizations that could give your old furniture a new home, as long as it is still in usable condition.
  6. Garage Junk – Just like your bathroom cabinet, there are probably a lot of items sitting in your garage that you will never need. If these items include insect killer, fertilizer, and other potentially dangerous chemicals, make sure you dispose of them safely.
  7. Appliances – It’s quite possible that a new home means an update of your current refrigerator or washer/dryer combination. If this is the case, but you need to do something with your old appliances, a local charity would more than likely be happy to pick them up – provided they are operational, of course. This will also help your mover get you loaded and ready to go quite a bit faster.
  8. Household Items – Take a look around your home and make a note of what you actually use and what has just been gathering dust. Household items are perfect things to sell in a garage sale.
  9. Bedding – You probably have some old mattresses and blankets that need to be switched for new ones. Not only will the new bedding be more comfortable, but you will have a lot more room in the moving truck.
  10. Vehicles – If appropriate, you may want to consider selling the extra car or truck that has been sitting on your property. This would definitely help lower some of the expenses associated with the move.

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