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Packing and Moving Tips

  • 1

    Rugs & Drapes

    Have rugs and draperies cleaned prior to moving and leave them in the protective wrapping. Many cleaners will provide drapery removal service as well as pickup and delivery.

  • 2

    Using Ziploc Bags

    Use Ziploc bags to pack like-items in desk drawers. As long as the bags are not very heavy, you can replace the items into the drawer, if you have sealed the bag with enough air cushion to protect the contents. The air cushion will secure the bag from moving around in the drawer.

  • 3

    Keep Your Pets Safe

    Be mindful of a pet’s curiosity. During the commotion of a move, doors will be propped open and boxes can become hiding places. Make arrangements to have your pets in a safe place.

  • 4

    Load Last – Unload First

    Create a “Load Last – Unload First” carton for each member of the family. That way everyone will be able to separate the essentials they will need until the last minute, and the things they will want the minute they arrive at your new home. Children will find this especially comforting.

  • 5

    Keep To Do List Accessible

    Have one common place to keep your lists of “things to do” – a spiral notebook works well. Keep it in an easy-to-access spot, and have all family members use the same book. It will remind the rest of the family of things they may not have thought of, and can even create a little competition to get things done and marked off the list quicker.

  • 6

    Get Cleaning Help

    Consider hiring a college student to help you clean out the garage or the basement.

  • 7

    Confirm Payment Method

    Confirm with your mover what forms of payment are acceptable. Movers do not accept personal checks.

  • 8

    Heavy Items In Small Boxes

    As a rule of thumb, the heavier the item, the smaller the box.

  • 9

    Renew Your Driver's License

    You may drive with your old driver’s license for 30 days after moving into a new state. Designate a specific time to renew your license within that timeframe.

  • 10

    Payment Prior To Delivery

    Credit card payments have to be processed prior to delivery. Make certain you discuss with the moving company when the actual moving charges will be posted to your credit card.

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