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10 Items You Should Keep When Moving


Preparing your home for a long distance move can be stressful at times. Until you start sorting through each of your items, deciding what to keep, sell or pack, you probably have little idea of how much stuff you really have. While there are certainly items that may be better left behind, there are some which you should definitely not forget. While it’s true less weight will make your move cost less, some things are too valuable and necessary to leave behind.

  1. Clothing – This might surprise you because it’s the first thing we list in our list of 10 items to leave behind. Don’t leave all your clothes behind, though. Just because an item is rarely worn doesn’t mean you need to throw it away. Particularly expensive clothing or items for special occasions are worth keeping. Why bother buying a new, expensive dress when you next have a fancy event to go to when you have one already?
  2. Kitchenware – Few things are more annoying than setting a dinner table only to find you’re one fork short. Even if you rarely have people over, plan to keep enough kitchen supplies for a small gathering.
  3. Hidden Belongings – We all have something we keep in the deep recesses of our homes. Perhaps they are merely Christmas decorations or items you’d rather visitors not see. In either case, make sure you don’t leave them behind. Be sure to double check crawl spaces and any sneaky hiding places for items you keep out of sight.
  4. Paper Records – Sure, you can access all your banking statements, loan statements and even medical records online, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to throw away all your papers. Don’t discard or shred these important documents. Keep them close. You may even want to keep particularly personal items in your car instead of packing them in the moving van.
  5. Sentimental Items – Typically, getting rid of items you don’t use is a good plan to save money during a long distance move. What happens when those items are highly sentimental? Sometimes we can go without, but other times nothing can remind us of our loved ones as much as a hand-made blanket. Don’t feel guilty for holding on to sentimental items. They are your memories and they deserve to stay with you.
  6. Prescription Medications – This might seem like an obvious thing to take, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to pack their medications. These are often packed last as they are among the more necessary possessions a person owns. Unfortunately, this also makes them a likely item to get left behind. Before pulling away from your old home, be sure to double check cabinets for anything you don’t want to leave behind.
  7. Electronic Chargers – Like medication, these are often saved for last because they will be needed first. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s missing in a box full of different cords and chargers. Label every cord you pack and verify you’ve packed a charger or cord for every electronic device you own.
  8. Collections – As you research moving advice, you’ll find a lot on downsizing that includes getting rid of items such as books, CDs or movies. This may be good advice for some people, but you may be particularly proud of the collection you have. Whatever you collect, don’t force yourself to get rid of it all. Keep the collections that are important to you.
  9. Photos – One way people cut down on the sentimental items they move is by taking photos. It goes without saying, then, that photos are particularly precious. Framed or unframed, photos are often the only physical reminder of a memory we have. Keep them close.
  10. Your Children’s Toys – While an exercise in downsizing may be good for your kids, they don’t have to get rid of everything. Talk them through sorting their toys and keep the ones that are the most important to them.

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