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What to Keep in Mind When Moving Across Country With Kids

Moving across the country is a huge project, and making such a big move as a family unit is no easy task. The most important thing to keep in mind throughout the process is the kids. As you probably know, children are a product of their environment and are also attached to routines of any kind. Shaking things up will require them to create a new routine that will take time. The best thing you can do for both yourself and them is to prepare, prepare, and prepare some more.

Here are 4 things to keep in mind when moving across country with kids.

1. Gather the Family for a Meeting

While you may be thinking about the 200 things on your to-do list, it is extremely important that you take the time to explain this move to your children. So often we get caught up in our situation that we forget how impactful a move can be for those who have no control—the little ones. Take the time to call a family meeting and lay out what’s going to happen, where you’re going, and why you’re going. Relocating to a new home is a big change, and moving across the country is an even bigger deal. Sharing the details with your kids will allow them to get used to the idea long before that moving truck arrives.

2. Find Ways to Make the Move Exciting

You’ll never find a child that doesn’t love a good old fashion game. Turning your moving experience into a fun time is the perfect way to get the kids involved in the move while also getting them excited about the transition that lies ahead. With your list of things to do piling up, you want to keep the kids entertained, so why not kill two birds with one stone? Grab the moving boxes and start a game of box ball (basketball), or set up a box fort. If your kids are super little, not to worry, moving boxes make the perfect canvas. Grab the markers and let your preschooler channel their inner Picasso.

3. Know When to Ask for Help

Although we often like to believe that we really can do it all, the truth is that sometimes we need a helping hand. And that’s perfectly okay. Being a parent is priority #1, and while getting all of your packing done in three days sounds awesome, soccer practice and the bake sale might get in the way. The last thing you want during this process is to feel overwhelmed, so it’s critical that you don’t push yourself. Asking a friend or neighbor to take on an extra pickup or drop off is a great way to snag a minute to unwind. Need help packing? Hire movers to get the job done, you’ll thank us later.

4. Keep Belongings Separate

Every parent knows, there is no connection quite like the one between a child and their favorite toy. Keeping important items organized and accessible will make the moving process a breeze for both you and your child. Before starting the packing process, take a moment to separate the necessities like bedtime stories, electronic devices, snacks, and toys. The move is a big change for your children, and there is comfort in knowing their things aren’t lost amongst the chaos.

Happy parents, happy kids! With some extra planning and care, your upcoming move will go off without a hitch!

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