Moving Guide

Top 7 Tips for Moving in the Winter

Thinking about moving in the winter? That might seem an unusual choice to the sun-soaked throngs who choose summer to mount their long distance moves. But did you know? Moving during what’s called the “off season” boasts a bounty of benefits, including: cheaper prices, greater resource availability and increased scheduling…


Off-season Moves Offer More Options

Summer months are to interstate moving what rush hour is to city traffic: busy, busy and more busy. By comparison, relocating September through April feels like a comfortable cruise in the country. Why are May, June, July and August the busiest moving months? Simple. Reliable weather plus school vacation add…


Moving from New York? Join the Club!

Are you moving from New York to California? If so—or seriously considering it—you’re among the many. (Or at least the kind-of-a-lot.) Once the destination, New York now is proving to be the departure point. Like playing the song “New York, New York” in reverse (just without all the backwards-masking tricks),…


Boo! Beware of Moving Scams

"Pay me upfront for your move. Even then I might not deliver your belongings." (Cue screeching-tires sound.) Hold it right there. There's something seriously wrong with that picture. No one would ever accept that deal at face value. However, each year, consumers are duped by unscrupulous organizations pretending to be…


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