Moving Guide

How To Move A Piano

Anyone who has experienced moving a piano would know that it is not a simple task. Unlike moving most typical pieces of furniture, moving a piano is a tricky and difficult task that requires serious manpower and preparation. Not only are pianos heavy and come in various sizes and shapes,…


How To Create A Moving Inventory List

Creating a moving inventory list can seem like a daunting chore, however, is an indispensable tool to have when preparing for a move. Read on as we share how to easily and effortlessly make an inventory list for your move. What is a moving inventory list? A moving inventory list…


ADHD Tips: How to Move

Moving when you have ADHD can be more than just stressful—it can be downright overwhelming! Before you start to panic about all there is to do, take a deep breath and know that many people with attention issues have moved successfully and you can too. We’ve put together some tips…


How Much Does It Cost to Ship A Car Long Distance?

For many people, moving often means a road trip as it may require moving a vehicle to the new destination. In reality, however, many factors can complicate this process. In particular, when moving long-distance or when there are multiple vehicles to move with only one driver available. It is often…


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