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Top Tips For Moving During the Holidays

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As the cold weather sets in and the holiday season approaches, the thought of moving may seem daunting. The hustle and bustle of holiday activities can indeed add an extra layer of stress to an already busy time. However, here’s a silver lining: the holidays themselves can serve as a welcome distraction from the moving chaos. With the right preparation, you can breeze through your move, leaving you with ample time to not only unpack but also to adorn your new space and host a fabulous cocktail party.

1. Plan Ahead for a Merry Move:

Kickstart your move preparations well in advance to avoid the last-minute holiday rush. A well-thought-out plan will make your transition seamless, leaving you with more time for festivities

2. Engage Friends and Family:

Turn the moving process into a joyful occasion by involving friends and family. Their support not only eases the workload but also adds a touch of warmth to your move.

3.Holiday Move, Holiday Discounts:

Explore the cost-saving benefits of a holiday move. Many moving services offer discounts during the winter season, helping you save on expenses during this festive time.

4.Festive Decor Unpack Priority:

Prioritize unpacking your festive decorations. Setting up your holiday decor early not only lifts your spirits but also adds a touch of familiarity to your new space.

5. Hire Professional Movers for Effortless Transition:

Opt for professional movers to make your winter move a breeze. Their expertise ensures the safe and efficient transport of your belongings, allowing you to focus on the joyous aspects of the holiday season. Get a FREE QUOTE from National Van Lines. With 94+ years of experience. We’re in the business of making your move easy!

6. Host a Housewarming Cocktail Party:

Turn your move into a celebration by hosting a housewarming cocktail party. It’s a fantastic way to showcase your new home to friends and family while spreading holiday cheer.

7. Delegate and Conquer:

Streamline the moving process by delegating specific tasks. Assign roles to friends and family members, making the experience a collaborative and efficient effort.

8. Enjoy the Festive Atmosphere:

Embrace the holiday ambiance during your move. Play festive music, sip on hot cocoa, and savor the joyous atmosphere as you transition into your new home.

9. Donate To Those In Need

Moving always provides a good opportunity to declutter and purge items that you no longer need. Donating unwanted possessions to charities and local thrift stores also makes it a very appropriate thing to do during the holiday season. Some charities offers free pick-up of your items for donation, such as Habitat for Humanity, The Salvation Army and Goodwill. Not only will you lighten your load for your move, but you will also help families in need.


Embrace the winter magic and let National Van Lines make your winter move an easy experience. Contact us online or call 877.473.6052 for more information and to receive your FREE moving quote.

Staying prepared and stress free during the holidays is the key to success, and putting forth the extra effort during your move will make all the difference in the world. Happy packing and most importantly Happy Holidays!



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