Movement Tracker

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Long Distance FAQ

Question: What does the information on the screen mean?
Answer: Our tracking system provides our team and you with a lot of information. Aside from the current location. It displays the current temperature of the tracker, the humidity of the environment around it also has a light sensor which detects if the tracker is exposed to light. Finally, we display the estimated arrival date.

Question: Why is my shipment some place strange. It’s not near me!
Answer: Your belongings are on a large truck that in some cases, may also be carrying the belongings of other families. Because of this, the truck’s route has been optimized to insure on-time delivery for everyone. Watch the video below to learn about our long distance moving process.

Question: Why hasn’t my shipment moved?
Answer: There are a few reasons why a shipment location may not move for a long period of time. First, we need to follow transit guidelines which dictate how long our drivers can work a day. This is to insure their safety as well as other drivers on the road. The second reason is your shipment may be waiting for an assignment for the last mile delivery.

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