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Across the Town or Country, No Move is Too Small – With Smalls!

National Van Lines offers quality moving experiences for small moves. Our Smalls service caters to the long distance apartment or condo move bringing excellence in services and experiences from big moves to a smaller scale. If you are planning for a long-distance Small Haul — for an apartment, condo, a few pieces of furniture, dorm room or storage unit — our small move specialists can customize a moving plan to get your belongings moved safely and on time.


Small Moves For Any Distance

Our team is always committed to ensuring you have a seamless moving experience throughout your entire relocation journey, from packing and pickup to storage and delivery. To better understand the moving process, look at our long-distance moving timeline to help you prepare for the adventure ahead. No matter the size of your move

Because small moves are different, we can offer lower prices than traditional ones. We carefully pack your items into individual shipping vaults and seal them. The vaults stay closed until they arrive across the country at your destination, where our expert teams open and unload your belongings. Since you pay by the vault, it’s easy to save money.

Types of Small Moves

What do we consider a small move? National Van Lines offers Smalls for people who need to relocate from small residences or have a small load to move. Here are some examples that we may qualify as a small move:
  • Studio apartments
  • One-bedroom house
  • Small office or shop
  • College dorm room
  • Storage unit
  • A Senior moving into an assisted living facility

Long-Distance Small Moves

At National Van Lines, we’re known for our long-distance moving services and we know the challenge of moving, no matter the size of the home. Our licensed and insured moving professionals have the experience to handle all the details of your long-distance move. We can help make your small long-distance move faster, easier, simpler and safer.

We may additionally qualify the following types of moves as small long-distance moves:

  • Long-distance move for a room of furniture
  • Sending a few oversized items out-of-state (for example, pianos, pool tables and heavy safes)
  • Moving fragile or oddly-shaped items long distances (for example, fine art, sculptures and other specialty items)

Does your move qualify as a small move? Get in touch with us and our moving specialists can answer your questions and provide a Free Quote!

Why Choose National Van Lines for Your Small Move?

National Van Lines provides the same level of care, expertise and service to every type of move, regardless of size or distance. Our small move specialists will create a personalized moving plan to meet your specific needs and schedule. Every Smalls shipment is tracked by GPS, so our Customer Service team can always help you find your shipment. Every move that National Van Lines provides includes:
  • Affordable quotes
  • On-time service
  • Professional moving supplies
  • Friendly employees
  • Careful loading and unloading
  • Moving valuation
  • Customized moving services

Condo and Apartment Moving Services

Our experienced team of moving specialists understands that moving a condo or apartment has a unique set of challenges that might require special considerations. Our moving professionals are accustomed to tackling any obstacles and nuisances often encountered during a condo or apartment move, such as maneuvering furniture in tight spaces, multiple flights of stairs, reserving elevator times and dealing with parking permits. We will guide you through all the details so you don’t have to worry about anything being overlooked with your Small Haul move.

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