Moving Guide

Don’t Just Manage Your Reputation … Advance It

| Moving Trends | Tim Helenthal

By Tim Helenthal President & COO Reputation management. It’s a phrase that’s all the rage, particularly in today’s fast-paced environment of five-star or no-star polar-opposite online reviews. (How often do we see middle-ground, three-star reviews?) Here’s the problem: The term suggests after-the-fact action. We often hear it come into play…


There’s More to Longevity Than a Long Life

| News | Maureen Beal

By Maureen Beal CEO & Chairman Happy birthday to us. National Van Lines celebrates 90 years in business this year. Nine decades. 1929–2019. The Great Depression all the way up to our current online lifestyle. Now that’s a long life (and a lot of candles). However, I’m not sure longevity…


We Count on Cooperation, Commitment and Communication

| Industry News | Tim Helenthal

By Tim Helenthal President & COO Cooperation is key. Commitment is crucial. Communication is vital. Many talk a good game about the power of teamwork. At National Van Lines, we live it every day by counting on those three Cs. We’re particularly proud of the long-lasting relationships we’ve built with…


Specialty Moving Services Protect Special Memories

| Packing Tips | Gerry Clark

A move across the country doesn’t always come neatly wrapped with a pretty bow. Sometimes, your irreplaceable whatchamacallit requires an extra level of TLC that a cookie-cutter, stackable-cardboard-box approach just doesn’t accommodate. That’s when you need specialty moving. Specialty moving categories “Specialty moving” is a catch-all phrase for relocation services designed to…


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