Moving Guide

5 Tips for Moving on a Budget

Families succeed or fail by the budgets they set for their move. Intrastate or interstate moves can be especially stressful on a budget. We’re here to tell you there’s nothing to fear. Long or short distance, your move can be managed with minimal stress, even on a budget. We’ve learned…


50+ Packing and Moving Tips

The best way to ensure a stress-free moving day is to be as organized as possible. National Van Lines provides this list of packing and moving tips that will make sure you are covered from A to Z. Tip #1. Have rugs and draperies cleaned prior to moving and leave…


Cut Stress Using Our Moving Preparation Tips

Want to ensure a stress-free moving day? Because moving matters, it's time to get organized! Use National Van Lines’ moving matters tips for maximizing your move. This 50-item preparation checklist for moving cross country goes a long way to helping you realize an enjoyable long-distance moving experience. PRE-PACKING Hold a…


5 Ways to Reduce Stress While Moving

Moving can be a stressful process, even with the help of a professional like National Van Lines. Ensuring that everything is in order and develops smoothly is the most important aspect of a move. Here are 5 tips on how to reduce stress when it comes to moving. 1. Create…


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