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3 Smart Tips for Packing Fragile Items

05.05.2014 | Packing Tips | Deidra Poltersdorf

While you should seriously consider having a professional moving company pack all of your items as you prepare for your relocation, we realize that level of service isn’t always in the budget. If you do choose to tackle the job yourself, please exercise extreme care when packing fragile items. We’ve all heard the horror stories of families hastily packing fragile items, only to find the items in more pieces than they left them after the move.

This is not a position you want to find yourself in.

Here are several tips to help you avoid damage and frustration:

1. Save the Breakables For Last.

It’s often a good idea to wait to secure fragile items until just about everything else in your home has been packed, but make certain you get started early. Packing fragile items requires more care, of course, and as a result it can take a lot longer to pack these items. Many people who start by packing breakables soon find out time is their enemy. Before they know it, moving day has arrived and they still have most of their packing to do. Leave yourself plenty of time to make sure you can finish the entire job!

2. Use Plenty of Cushioning

Not only should you use bubble wrap or newsprint when wrapping your breakables, you should also line the bottom of the boxes holding the items. If you don’t have the budget for bubble wrap, try using a generous amount of tissue paper. This is an excellent alternative that costs a great deal less. Also, pack fragile items as tightly as you can into each box so there is less of a risk of them banging together during the move.

3. Use the Right Type of Box

You can take all the care in the world when packing fragile items, but that may not matter if they’re not placed in a sturdy box for the move. Use boxes known as “dish packs,” if possible. These have thicker cardboard and will do a better job of withstanding punctures and absorbing the shock of sudden movements.

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