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Move a Car without Stepping on the Gas

Moving Tips | Gerry Clark

Moving hundreds of miles on your interstate move? That doesn’t mean you have to subject your car to the rigors of the road.

Professional movers trained in vehicle cross-country moves can make sure your automobile arrives safely at your destination. So, if you’re moving from New York to Los Angeles, hardly a single mile will register on the odometer.

Car movers

Think about what that means. No oil changes. No new tires. No wear and tear (that goes for your frame plus the car’s). No long-distance driving on strange roads and highways. No getting lost. No breakdowns. No headaches. “No” to all of that rigamarole. “Yes” to a stress-free move.

Moving from NYC to California with you at the wheel would put around 2,800 miles on your car (and your family). Add 50 hours driving time, too.

Even if your long-distance moving expedition is shorter than moving from NY to LA—say, moving from Texas to California or moving from Florida to Colorado—the same issues come into play. (Just on a somewhat smaller scale).

Top-tier trio

National Van Lines works with three top-rated car-shipping services. They offer various options. Rest assured: We wouldn’t place trust in our third-party automotive pro movers without a thorough vetting process.

Montway Auto Transport provides 24/7 customer service, 12,000 driver/carrier partners and 220 terminals nationwide. The company also ships to destinations around the globe. Plus, this car mover offers a rental-car provision and a car-wash plan. Get this: If a shipment is delayed past the delivery spread, Montway provides a rental car—up to $30 daily—until your vehicle is delivered. Montway’s car-wash plan provides for an exterior car-wash reimbursement of up to $20 for vehicles delivered in “approved dirty condition.”

Two other car-moving companies offer tremendous service and customer satisfaction: Advectus Transportation Services and Reindeer Auto Relocation.

Advectus Transportation Services also ships boats, motorcycles, RVs and heavy equipment to and from domestic or foreign destinations. Their clients include Fortune 500 companies and dealerships.

Standing behind its tagline—“real.personal.service.”—Reindeer Auto Relocation provides 24/7 service. Plus, the company responds to last-minute changes with its same-day pickup service.

car mover
Reduce gas to about one-quarter of a tank—maybe even a little less—when preparing your vehicle for a cross-country move.

Ship shape

How should you prepare your vehicle when you hire professionals to move a car? Divide the process into several steps to get your vehicle in tip-top shape to ship.

Clean machine. Ensure your vehicle is clean inside-and-out. Wash the exterior. Rid the interior of clutter and personal items. Vacuum rugs. Notice damage? Photograph and document.

Top and bottom. Top off windshield wash, engine oil, transmission fluid and coolant/antifreeze. Reduce gas to about one-quarter of a tank. This safety measure reduces risk of fire or explosion. But it still ensures your vehicle’s fuel system isn’t damaged while in transit. Notify your mover about any fluid leaks to help in proper vehicle positioning.

Alarming situation. Reindeer Auto Relocation says to turn off alarms. Provide your mover with any special instructions for starting a vehicle. Ditto for disarming an alarm.

Do the tighten-up. Remove specialty and/or aftermarket parts attached to your car, such as a spoiler or bug shields. The same goes for racks designed to transport luggage, bikes or skis. If possible, fold back your side-view mirrors and lower your antennae. Close all windows, moon roofs and convertible roofs. Holes, open seams or gaps in the windows? Cover with a tight-fitting tarp. This prevents air and moisture from damaging the car.

Document damage. Note your car’s damage (photos are indispensable). Tell your mover about operational issues. This helps in case he needs to move your car during an emergency. Keep documentation handy. You’ll need it when your car is delivered. Inspect your vehicle at delivery. Compare its condition to your documentation. Notify the mover of any issues you see before signing on the dotted line and accepting delivery.

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