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We Make Moving Easy During Difficult Times

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Drivers Answer Call to Counter COVID-19

Broadview, IL May 6, 2020—We Make Moving EasySM. That’s the National Van Lines motto.

We also Make Moving Easy During Difficult Times. That’s why our drivers and agents are keeping their eyes and ears wide open for opportunities to help during the pandemic.

National Van Line drivers

Driver Newton Nerdon delivered 13 ventilators to New Jersey.

Take National Van Lines driver Newton Nerdon, for example. The Special Commodities Fleet driver had intended to head home to Florida, but something compelled him to remain at a Virginia truck stop to see whether he could pick up a load. He then got the call to transport ventilators from Alabama to New Jersey. Newton accomplished his mission and delivered 13 of these vital medical devices. And he’s more-than-ready to help again.

“Supplies are wanted all over—believe it,” said Newton, who goes by the handle, Caribbean Cowboy. “Even if I wanted to stay home, I can’t, because it’s a life-and-death situation. That may be a reason why the Lord stopped me from going home.”

Driver Ed Johnson transported hospital beds in his trailer—a place typically reserved for bedroom sets. That shipment was destined for Montefiore St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital in Newburgh, NY. Further west—Las Vegas to be exact—two more drivers helped counter COVID-19 during April by delivering hospital beds. Drivers John Boyle and Lee Roy Proctor (and their respective crews) brought the essential items to medical supplier Gumbo Medical.

The new normal

Our drivers normally would be transporting dining-room sets, entertainment centers, sofas, kitchen supplies and other personal belongings. But these aren’t normal times.

Ed Johnson

The Ed Johnson crew unloads a hospital-bed shipment. National Van Lines drivers & crews practice CDC’s COVID-19 safety recommendations.

That’s where operational agility comes to the fore. This is when inventive thinking moves to the front of the line. In the case of distilleries and breweries, it requires switching to producing hand sanitizer. With General Motors, it involves shifting from Chevrolets to ventilators.


Sometimes, a massive retooling isn’t even required. It just means adjusting the emphasis of what we all do best. At mid-sized National Van Lines, we quickly adapt to change—even at a moment’s notice. It’s not much of a stretch to ship ventilators instead of household goods. It just takes willingness.

National Van Lines driver

Lee Roy Proctor transported hospital beds to a medical supplier.

Uncertain times present opportunities for us to help our communities move forward. Now’s the time for relocation experts to make yourselves available and open to your communities. Reach out.  Highlight your access to labor, trucks and warehouse space. You might find a way to help your community thrive during this crisis. National Van Lines certainly did.


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