Shipment Tracking with National Van Lines

Thanks to companies like Amazon and UPS, we’ve all grown accustomed to knowing where our packages are and when they’ll arrive. In fact, we’ve all grown to expect that we can logon, type a tracking number and get updates on things we’ve ordered.

In response to your desire to be able to self-serve track your shipments National Van lines in partnership with Tive has made this same technology available for tracking your household goods shipment. Track the progress of your belongings as they travel from their origin to your new home.

Unlike personal tracking devices that rely only on WiFi, our GPS trackers work off 5G technology and will fall back to 2G or WiFi giving us the widest possible coverage as your belongings move across the country.

Our GPS system updates every two hours providing you with near real-time tracking.

If you’ve already booked, No Problem!

Tracking FAQ

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