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Moving in a Hurry? 3 Top Packing Tips for a Last Minute Move

Even with advance notice, moving is typically filled with a fair amount of stress. Throw in a last-minute move and things can quickly go awry. This is when being organized pays huge dividends, in that it helps remove any added stress that serves to make the process more hectic than it has to be.

Before you pull your hair out, let us help with these stress-busting tips so that you can move as quickly as possible:

1. Get rid of everything you don’t need

If you need to move fast, you need to be able to move quickly. That means making some extremely hard choices about what stays and what goes. The less you have weighing you down, the less energy you’ll have to expend, and the less stress you’ll experience overall.

One of the most effective packing tips when it comes to paring down your possessions is to separate them into three piles:

  • To Keep. Items that you will keep.
  • To Donate. Items that you will donate to charity or give to friends.
  • To Trash. Items that you will throw away.

If you simply can’t make the hard decisions needed in order to move as fast as possible, you may want to consider storing items you won’t need right away so that you can make those decisions later.

2. Separate items of clothing

This sounds so simple, but clothes are a major source of frustration when it comes to a move, especially when the move is cross-country and you don’t know what to expect from the climate. Once you’ve determined which clothes you’re going to keep, you need to organize them. Leave the clothes you’ll plan on wearing in the next week or two out so they can be easily accessible. (Place them on hangers or in a clearly labeled box.) Pack away anything you won’t need for some time.

3. Don’t hesitate to ask help from professional movers

Let’s face it, packing might not be the best use of your time when you need to move in a hurry. A moving company could help considerably and make for a more enjoyable experience overall. Plenty of movers offer packing services at surprisingly affordable rates. When time is of the essence, this is often the best choice.

At National Van Lines, our professionals know how to handle the aggravation and stress that can come with last-minute moves. We’ve helped smooth the moving experience for thousands of families. We can do the same for yours.

If you would like to learn more, call our moving company at 800-676-9270.

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