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3 Things You Should Know About Moving Companies Estimates

For most people, the biggest stress that comes from moving – aside from finding a new place to live – is the cost of moving your things from one place to the other. Professional movers charge different amounts based on the services they provide, and we at National Van Lines believe that being transparent with our clients is the best way to show the quality of work that we provide. Here are some of the things we think you should know about moving company rates.

Types of Moving Company Estimates


All moving companies use tariffs to determine how much to charge customers for a move. These charges are often based on the distance of the move, the number of workers on the crew, the weight of your shipment, and whether your move is local or interstate. A state-to-state move often comes with a standard cost, but the rates may be calculated based upon the miles traveled and the weight the moving van has to carry.

Non-Binding Estimates

Moving companies often calculate their costs differently, depending on how they prefer to complete their estimates. A company may provide you with a non-binding estimate that gives you a rough idea of how much you can expect to be charged, based on a pre-estimated weight. Because this is not a bid, your mover is not bound to a specific cost, and the overall rates may go up or down once your move is over. These estimates work best in situations where a mover cannot see in person all the items that are to be moved.

Binding Estimates

When a company offers a binding estimate, the price you agree to is the price you end up paying. A binding not-to-exceed estimate allows customers to meet, but not exceed, the actual weight that is moved. If you are under the weight you agreed upon, you may end up with a lower overall cost. These estimates are best if a mover has come to your home and physically looked at the items in your home.

Free Moving Estimates from National Van Lines

Moving company rates are important to understand because customers need to know where their money is spent. Contact National Van Lines at 844-935-1730 to find out about the local and long-distance moving rates that we offer and get a free estimate for your move.

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