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Basics of Moving and Storage Service

A qualified moving and storage service will provide you with everything you desire when you are trying to get your items moved to a new location. There are several tasks that need to get done, from packing to the reassembly of furniture. National Van Lines can help you with some or all of your moving activities.

Working Across the United States

A good moving and storage service needs to be available in all areas of the country. National Van Lines offers cross country moving solutions to help you move your belongings to any other state in the nation. Our movers will help you pick up your items, transport them across the country and deliver them to your new home or office. We have the means to work around any location and can even store your items if necessary.

Custom Packing for Unique Items

We at National will provide you with flexible solutions to move any object, large or small, to your new location. We not only use traditional trucks and boxes but also offer customized crates and item-specific boxing. Typical boxes aren’t always best for moving large objects, such as mattresses, or fragile objects, such as dishware. That’s why we make sure to offer a variety, using only the best box for each item you have to move.

Office Relocations

Our customers are as varied as our boxes so we make sure our services cover every aspect of a unique move. Office relocations often have to move large shipments within a specific timeline. Our specialty moving department is prepared to work with you and get your office relocation finished on your timeline.

These aspects of the moving and storage industry separate the professional. We at National want to make the moving process as easy to handle as it can be. Contact us today for a free quote or if we can answer any questions about your moving and storage needs.

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