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Checklist for a Local Move

07.15.2015 | Moving Tips | Deidra Poltersdorf

Moving involves a lot of planning and forward thinking. Not only should you be prepared for your move, but you must ensure that the moving company you hire is reliable, professional and there to help you with all of your moving needs.

With the right planning and help, a local move doesn’t need to be as stressful as a long distance or international move. However, it is still important to meticulously plan each stage of the moving process.

Where do I begin?

The easiest way to begin planning for a local move is to create a list of tasks. This list may include things like switching utility bill providers, arranging the delivery of moving boxes, packing, and even required cleaning. Creating a “To Do” List is a good starting point for any move.

Organize Your Checklists

For an effective move, you should create a couple of checklists. One checklist may include items that need to be organized in the kitchen (sell, discard or pack); while another checklist may include all of the administrative related items you must complete before your move (changing utility bills, arranging a new vet for your pet, etc.). Too many things on one checklist can start to become overwhelming, and may confuse you during the moving process.

Create a Checklist for the Moving Company

Providing a detailed checklist for the moving company can be very helpful. This may include information such as: 1.), your required packing materials for the big day; 2.), what items you need help packing; and 3.), where to place awkward or large items. It’s important to have your checklists thoroughly prepared before the day of the move to elevate confusion between helpers and the tasks assigned.

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