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How to Identify a Professional Moving Company

When you hire a moving company, you want to make sure you are working with a professional. There are key signs you should seek out when looking for movers to help you separate the professionals from the scams. Aside from what you keep on your person, everything you own is about to be packed into a van and shipped elsewhere. It is vital that you look for these qualities to ensure everything on the truck is safe and protected.

Professionals Never Ask For Money Before Loading

Some moving companies will ask you to pay for your move before loading your items, or that you at least provide a deposit right away. This is never a good sign. Professionals will load your items and ship them to your location before ever asking for payment. Once at your destination, many professional companies may request partial or complete payment before unloading, but never before loading.

Professionals Always Examine Inventory

Without any idea of what you have to move, how can a professional mover have any idea what the move will cost? With the dawn of the Internet, there is no excuse for a mover to go without this. Depending on your location and time constraints, there are different methods to use. One of the simplest options is to fill out an inventory list. Recently, videos have become a popular way of assessing a shipment. Customers may walk around their home, video recording their belongings and explaining any specifics about them. When the option is available, a professional mover will come out to your home to visually examine what you own.

Regardless of the method, a professional mover will always ask to assess your inventory before any kind of contract is signed.

Compare and Assess

At National Van Lines, we pride ourselves on excellent service and we are always striving to improve. While we hope you will choose us to be your professional mover, we also highly recommend researching other moving companies and getting multiple estimates. Moving can be done last minute, but the whole process will go over a lot more smoothly if you take your time to do your research. Don’t mistakenly end up with anything other than the best professional moving company for your move.

If you have any more questions about professional moving companies or need a no-obligation, free moving quote, contact National Van Lines at 877-590-2810.

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