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DIY Moving vs. Professional Moving Companies

When moving long distances, the question of renting a truck with your DIY move or hiring movers is always a consideration. You’ll have people who highly recommend rented pods and used grocery store boxes. Others insist hiring a professional mover is the only way to consider. Both methods have their pros and cons. You will have to make the decision that fits with your unique move.

Moving is one of the five most stressful events in a person’s life. Anything that can be done to reduce that stress is positive. Both rented trucks and professional movers provide their own kind of comfort.

Managing Moving Stress

Moving Rental Truck:

When you rent a truck, all of your belongings stay in your possession during the move. You have control over the whole process. The biggest liability is that the truck is your responsibility along with the packing. Renting a truck may simply exchange one stress for another if you have never driven a large truck and have to travel a long distance. Rented moving trucks get terrible gas mileage and you could easily end up spending thousands on a cross country move. In addition, driving large trucks can be hazardous on the open highway. However, if you are just moving across town, those stressors may not matter. You won’t spend too much time in the truck anyway.

Professional moving company:

A professional moving company will provide you a wide range of services above and beyond transportation. They can organize all of your packing, the transportation of your belongings and unpacking. They will even reassemble furniture at your new home. Through valuation, you can also protect your belongings, ensuring you will be compensated for any damages. If that all seems overwhelming, just imagine doing it yourself!

Moving Time Management

Moving Rental Truck:

Your time is your most valuable commodity during the moving process. Along with packing, you need to make a list of all places you need to call to change your address and organize your arrival at your new home, enroll children in the new school system. When renting a truck, none of your burdens are lifted. In fact, you have the added responsibilities of renting the truck, packing it and taking care of it on the way to your new destination. When it comes to time management, renting a truck only adds more to your to-do list.

Professional moving company:

One of the greatest benefits of hiring professional movers is the time they save. Not only will they take responsibility for loading the truck and driving your belongs across the country, they will pack all of your belongings. That means your don’t have to worry over those activities. Hiring a professional moving company is ideal for long moves because they conserve your valuable time. Even short moves benefit from professional moving companies. Instead of burdening friends to help out, you can ensure everything moves along efficiently when you hire a professional mover.

Valuation Protection

Professional moving company:

One of the largest perks of hiring professional movers is valuation. When you rent a truck, you often pay some kind of insurance fee in case you damage the truck. There’s not always an option to also protect your possessions. When you move yourself, your damage is your fault. No one will help you repair the damage or provide compensation.

Professional moving companies like National Van Lines offer valuation packages to protect your belongings. This solidifies the moving company’s responsibility over your belongings. If they are damaged or lost, the moving company will be ready to repair, replace or compensate you.

There are benefits to both renting trucks and hiring a professional moving company for your move. You have to look at your budget and needs to decide what works best for your move. Those concerned about time management and protection of their belongings will likely see the most benefits working with a moving company, especially when moving long distances. Rented trucks can be good for short moves, but even they can be a time waster if you have many items to move.

Curious about what moving companies have to offer? Contact National Van Lines today for a 100% free moving quote. Our agents would be happy to answer all questions you have about your upcoming move.


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