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3 Smart Tips for Moving During the Holidays

For all the joy the holidays bring, there is also a bit of stress associated with the mall traffic and worsening weather conditions. Adding a long distance move to that scenario may seem daunting, but it is far from impossible. There are many benefits to an off-season move and tactics that can be used to safely load and unload items in inclement weather.

If you’re moving this holiday season, be sure to take advantage of these three tips for moving during the holidays:

Change of Address Notification

Holiday cards are sent out in the billions over the holiday season. Instead of buying separate cards for a moving announcement, use these cards to share your new address with friends and family. Make it fun and festive. You can even include an invite for a going away party.

In addition to friends and family, there are a number of businesses, such as your bank, that also need to be notified of your address change. Be sure you do so early. Business hours change a lot during the holidays and some will have days they are closed. Be sure your address change is processed by notifying every organization that needs your new address well in advance.

Decorations that Move

Putting up traditional holiday decorations is difficult when you’re packing everything you own for a cross-country move. Instead of the usual lights and tinsel, decorate your home in a way you won’t have to pack away. The closer you get to the date of the move, the more boxes are sure to be laying around your home. Buy markers or stickers and decorate the boxes with holiday designs. You can even stack boxes carefully into a triangle shape and draw a tree.

While this way of decorating is different from what you are used to, it provides a way for the whole family to join the decorating festivities without also burdening you with more items to pack away. Better yet, when you arrive at your new home, you’ll have decorations ready to go. Each decorated box brought into the home will bring with it all the holiday cheer.

Gear Up

Many places across the United States experience cold, snowy conditions during the holidays. Prepare yourself with supplies to help you load and unload in the weather. Sturdy snow boots are a must, especially if you’re moving yourself. Make sure you are prepared for slippery surfaces as you load and unload.

Ask your mover about weather conditions and how they might affect the shipment of your household goods. They are a fantastic resource for any questions you have regarding holiday moves.

The moving experts at National Van Lines are also ready to answer any questions you have about holiday moves. Contact a professional mover today at 877-590-2810.

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