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Should You Move for a Long Distance Relationship?

As we move into February, New Year’s resolutions take a back seat to the romance of Valentine’s Day. Partners across the country will be commemorating their love. For those who are in a long distance relationship, Valentine’s Day weekend will likely be a popular holiday to meet up. If you live far away from your partner, chances are you’ve wondered about moving closer.

Even if it feels too soon to move in together, moving closer can be a great next step for your relationship. Instead of seeing each other every now and then, you’ll be able to see each other as much as you want. Of course, whether or not your relationship is ready for this step depends on where you and your partner are. Ask yourself the following questions to see if moving long distance for love is the right decision for you.

Are You in Love?

Perhaps this is an obvious question, but it must be asked. Moving will be a huge commitment and, if you’re used to living apart, will be a dramatic change for your relationship. In the ideal scenario, it’s best for you to both be in love with each other before moving closer. Without this element in the relationship, you’ll be taking on a huge risk.

Have You and Your Partner Discussed a Future Together?

There may not be rings and wedding bells in the near future, but talking about your lives together is a key component of every relationship. Whoever moves will be leaving behind all the people they know and possibly their job. Before someone makes that commitment, you should at least discuss, in general terms, what your future may be like. Do you both like the idea of being together for the foreseeable future? Do you agree on where you will likely live and what your short term goals are? Like the first point, these questions may not mean much to the person who isn’t moving, but as the one who is, these are high-priority questions to ask.

Will You Regret Moving if the Relationship Doesn’t Work Out?

This may be the most important question of all. Nothing is guaranteed in life, and no matter how sure you are of your relationship, there is at least a slight chance things won’t go as planned. If something happens after moving that dissolves the relationship, will you resent moving? For your own mental health, it’s a good idea to look up the place you will move and find reasons other than your relationship to move. Determine why moving is not just right for your relationship, but right for you as an individual. This way, no matter what the future holds, moving long distance for love will have a positive impact on your life.

Once you have the emotional necessities of your long distance move nailed down, National Van Lines will be available to help you with the move itself. Contact us today at 877-590-2810 to get started.

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