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Moving Household Goods and Protecting Them from Loss or Damage

Moving household goods is always a hectic experience. Even though we do our best to remove as much stress as possible, packing every single thing you own and transporting it across the country takes a lot of effort. We know you have a million things to think about, like finding a job or a great school for your children, but there is still one more thing you should think about: ensuring the protection of your household goods.

There are a number of steps you can take, after securely packing your belongings, to make sure the moving process runs as smoothly as possible. Protect yourself from the unexpected when moving household goods with these essential tools.


Valuation is the obvious way to go about this. You can speak with a National Van Lines agent about available valuation packages. Even though we have high standards for our movers and drivers, the unexpected can still effect a move. In the event of lost or damaged goods, valuation makes repair or reimbursement of these items the responsibility of the van line.

This protection comes in various plans with various deductibles, including a no-deductible plan. Your National Van Lines agent can tell you more about these plans available for your move. One of the greatest benefits of valuation is that it doesn’t affect homeowner’s insurance premiums.

The Inventory Sheet

Every professional moving company will provide you with some form of an inventory sheet. Sometimes, you are provided an inventory sheet to fill out yourself and sometimes agents are able walk through your home with you to complete the document. This document verifies the items you are moving and what condition they are in. If you have any problems with lost or damaged items, your mover will first check this sheet to make sure the item in question was on the truck.

Inventory is also a great help in the rare case a missing item is found. When necessary, an inventory sheet makes it easier to verify which customer an item belongs to and return it to them.

Professional Packing

Packing is your first line of defense and the most important. Professionally packing items, using quality, professional packing material, is the best way to prepare your items for their long distance trip. Moving household goods across the country is no small feat, but any loss or damage will be minimal to none with the right materials and packing techniques. Make sure you label boxes in an organized and noticeable way, as well. Doing so will help separate your household goods from others on the truck.

Organization and protection will always be key to a successful long distance move. Don’t let your household goods move across the country without the best protection possible. National Van Lines offers various packing and valuation options for our customers. If you have questions or would like help with your move, call us today at 877-590-2810.

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