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Tips for Moving Your Live Plants

Plants are a staple decoration in many homes. There are so many rare and beautiful plants in the world and when it comes to moving, it is essential that your much loved plants are transported safely. These tips from National Van Lines on moving plants will help you understand how to transport live plants during this transition.

Even though National Van Lines is prohibited by law to move your live plants on our trucks for interstate moves, you can use these useful tips for transporting and moving plants yourself.

Check Regulations:

Some states prohibit transporting plants across state lines.  It is good to check the regulations before you move.

Prepare your Plants for the Move:

Give your plants an extra dose of sunlight for two weeks prior to the move, reasonable pruning and give them a healthy watering the day before you depart.

Pick the Best Season to Move Plants:

Seasons play a major factor in moving live plants. If you can, try and move live plants in the dormant season, between October and February. This may not be an option, so take great caution when moving your plants.

Know the Soil at Your New Home:

Before you move to your new home, determine what type of soil is in your new garden and if the soil is nutrient rich. There is little value in moving outdoor plants and trees that will not survive in your new garden.

You may even want to draw up a garden layout plan which details where each plant, flower or tree will live.

Contact Us with your Questions about Moving Live Plants:

Over the years, we have established strong and lasting relationships with a number of clients. These clients range from corporate to residential movers. Not only do we offer a high-quality moving service, we also provide helpful tips for all your moving needs.

To speak to us about your move, or to find out more information on the services that we offer, please do not hesitate to call 877-590-2810 or contact us online.

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