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How to Safely Pack and Move an Antique Grandfather Clock

Grandfather clocks are beautiful and valued items that you will want to take with you to your new home. However, they require great care to dismantle and transport safely. Grandfather clocks cannot be shipped if they are not properly dismantled. If a grandfather clock is included in your long distance move, it is recommended you hire a professional specialty mover to correctly pack it and any other items you are moving, but by following careful instructions, it is possible to move them on your own. Be sure never to move a grandfather clock without disassembling it first. Neglecting to disassemble your clock can cause irreparable damage. Take time to follow this simple guide to ensure that your grandfather clock is transported safely to your new home.

Top Tips

1. Never touch the components of a grandfather clock with bare hands. Find a pair of soft gloves to wear during the process to ensure that you protect the delicate components as well as keeping your hands safe from the glass.

2. Begin by opening the front, glass door gently and remove the weights. You can easily unhook them from the pulleys inside the casing. It is essential to label the weights in order to remember where they should be placed upon reassembly. Wrap the weights generously in bubble wrap to protect them during the move.

3. Be sure to remove any shelving from inside the grandfather clock to remove the possibility of damage during transit. Wrap each shelf individually in bubble wrap and mark as FRAGILE.

4. Next, remove the pendulum. You can do this by holding the center and gently lifting it off the suspension spring. Again, wrap the pendulum securely in bubble wrap. It can be useful to wrap the pendulum guide in paper to keep it in place.

5. If possible, remove any decorative additions from the top of the clock (they should pop out easily). If they are secured too firmly, simply make sure you place extra padding around them, so they are not damaged.

6. Once the grandfather clock is disassembled, wrap the body in a furniture blanket, which is sturdier and more protective than an ordinary blanket, and tape it securely with packing tape. When moving the grandfather clock, keep it standing upright; laying it horizontally puts unnecessary pressure on the glass making it more likely to break.

Find out More about Moving your Grandfather Clock

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