Top 7 Tips for Moving in the Winter

Thinking about moving in the winter?

That might seem an unusual choice to the sun-soaked throngs who choose summer to mount their long distance moves. But did you know? Moving during what’s called the “off season” boasts a bounty of benefits, including: cheaper prices, greater resource availability and increased scheduling flexibility.

Or maybe you’re facing a situation in which moving on the snow isn’t so much a self-decided option, but a job- or family-related requirement.

Winter move

Either way, National Van Lines is committed to Make Moving EasySM, so we’re here to help your winter move. The snowy season requires you take specific steps to make your cross country move a cool—but not cold—experience.

Presenting our top 7 snow house moving tips.

1. Hire moving pros

When you hire a moving company, such as National Van Lines, to handle your long-distance relocation, you benefit from the expertise of professional moving crews who not only transport your belongings, but also pack your most-cherished possessions. During winter’s cold temperatures and slippery conditions, your friends and family members will appreciate not being placed in a risky situation. Be safe: Contact National Van Lines for a FREE moving quote.

2. Dodge the holidays

Christmas. New Year’s. The “most wonderful time of the year” isn’t the greatest for moving long distance. Winter break can be thought of as hot time during the cold season to pack up and move. That means relatively limited supplies and tighter schedules vs. other times of the winter. To avoid competing with other people for resources and scheduling flexibility, avoid the holidays and instead enjoy a cup of cocoa in front of the fireplace.

3. Don’t batter those battery-powered devices

Ever leave a battery-operated device in a cold car overnight? It was a bit slow on the rebound, wasn’t it? Even brand-new batteries need to warm up before reaching optimum performance. Ditto for the innards in those devices, such as resistors, capacitors and diodes. This is where a little DIY packing comes in handy. Since electronics (even AC-powered ones) and frigid temperatures don’t get along, you’re best putting your valuable powered devices (such as laptops and tablets) in a box or two and take those with you in your vehicle, which will, of course, be heated for your comfort (and the protection of your devices).

4. Forget about firing up the furnace

True, the thermometer isn’t showing lots of red. Still, that’s no reason to crank the heat when you arrive at your new home. Believe it, with all the moving hustle and bustle, you won’t turn brrr blue. Mr. Furnace will appreciate the gesture, too. Here’s why: Your professional movers will be darting in and out the front door the entire day. Setting your thermostat to a comfortable 68 Fahrenheit taxes your furnace as it struggles to warm your home only to have its hard-earned effort zoom out the door. At the end of the day (moving day, that is), you will have only thrown money out the door. So, switch off the heat for delivery day and all will be fine.

5. Keeping warm—plan B

Just because the furnace is taking a one-day vacation doesn’t mean you must be chilly during move-in day. Appoint a doorman (or woman or kid) who is responsible simply for door-opening and -closing duties during move-in day. You’ll also want access to water and warm beverages (think hot chocolate, coffee and tea). The H2O will keep everyone hydrated. It’s also important to take warming-up breaks.

Being chill is OK; chilly isn’t.

6. Protect your floors

Ice. Snow. Water. Dirt. Mud. What a combo! One or a more of these mess-makers is enough to nasty up your floors (carpet and/or hardwood) super-fast when moving out and moving in. Cheap solutions include inexpensive plastic tarps. Floor mats placed outside doorways also are essential floor-savers.

7. Prepare a path

Keep entrances clear. Your current home’s pathways should be clear of ice or snow. That means from your front door all the way to the street pavement. Not only is this a safety must, it also will help speed up the process of moving out (and again at the destination, moving in). Shovel snow. Sprinkle ice melt, if needed.

At National Van Lines, we make long-distance moving easy. As a national moving company, we’ve helped more than a million families enjoy moving their memories for 90+ years. Contact us online or call 877.590.2810 for answers to your questions—plus a FREE moving quote.


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