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Top 7 Tips for Moving in the Winter

Thinking about moving in the winter?

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Are you contemplating a winter move? While summer might be the traditional choice for long-distance relocations, there are compelling reasons to consider the winter season as your prime moving time. In fact, moving during the winter, often deemed the “off season,” comes with a host of benefits, including cost savings, increased resource availability, and enhanced scheduling flexibility. Whether you’re making a deliberate choice or navigating job or family-related requirements, a winter move can be a strategic decision. National Van Lines is here to guide you through the intricacies of a winter move, providing expert tips to ensure a smooth transition to your new home.

Why Winter? The Cost-Effective Move:

One of the standout advantages of moving in winter is the cost savings. As the off-season for the moving industry, winter typically sees reduced prices for services. This financial benefit, coupled with greater availability of resources and flexible scheduling, makes winter an opportune time to plan your long-distance move.

Winter move

Either way, National Van Lines is committed to Make Moving EasySM, so we’re here to help your winter move. The snowy season requires you take specific steps to make your cross country move a cool—but not cold—experience. Presenting our top 7 snow house moving tips.

1. Hire moving pros

Enlist the expertise of a reputable moving company like National Van Lines. Our skilled professionals not only transport your belongings but also navigate the intricate process of packing, ensuring a secure and efficient winter move. Get a head start by contacting us for a FREE moving quote.

2. Avoid the Holiday Rush:

Opt for a winter move outside the holiday season to enjoy increased flexibility and access to necessary support. By sidestepping the holiday rush, you’ll find scheduling resources and assistance more readily available.

3. Protect Your Devices from the Cold:

Ever leave a battery-operated device in a cold car overnight? It was a bit slow on the rebound, wasn’t it? Electronics and frigid temperatures don’t mix well. Safeguard your battery-powered devices, including laptops and tablets, by packing them in a heated vehicle during the move to prevent performance issues.

4. Optimize Your Heating Strategy:

Skip cranking up the heat upon arrival at your new home. Save energy and money by turning off the heat on delivery day. With professional movers in and out throughout the day, maintaining a comfortable temperature becomes more efficient.

5. Plan for Warmth on Move-In Day:

Designate someone to handle door duties on move-in day, ensuring easy access to your new home. Keep everyone warm and hydrated with water and hot beverages. Schedule warming breaks to counter the chill effectively.

6. Floor Protection is Key:

Combat the winter mess by using inexpensive plastic tarps and floor mats. Protect your floors, both carpet and hardwood, from the potential damage caused by snow, water, dirt, and mud during the move.

7. Prepare a path

Before the moving day, ensure clear pathways from your front door to the street pavement. This not only enhances safety but also expedites the moving process. Shovel snow and use ice melt as needed for a smooth transition.


Moving in winter offers a unique set of advantages, from cost savings to increased flexibility. By following these seven winter moving tips, you’ll not only navigate the chilly season with ease but also ensure a seamless transition to your new home. Embrace the winter magic and let National Van Lines make your winter move an easy experience. Contact us online or call 888.789.0746 for more information and to receive your FREE moving quote.


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