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Get the Best Moving Deals After the ‘Black Friday’ Summer

Stores are stocking the shelves with turkeys and preparing for the biggest day of sales: Black Friday. One of the busiest days for retailers, you either love it or hate it. Everyone knows you have to plan well and stand in line early to get the best deals of the holiday season. As a professional moving company, we know just how that rush feels. The summer season is like a three month long Black Friday for the moving industry.

Just like this Friday, getting the best deal in the summer requires planning and an early spot in line. Your move doesn’t have to start with a rush, though. Avoid the crowds of the moving industry’s ‘Black Friday,’ and you may earn the easiest move of your life.

Move On Your Time

The chance you take when you stand in a Black Friday line this week is that you will walk away empty handed. There’s a finite inventory and seemingly limitless buyers. The later you get in that line, the lower your chances are of securing that big screen TV. This is similar to summer for moving companies. The people who call months in advance, who get in line first, get first dibs on moving dates. You can be at the front of the line, too, especially if you move in the off season.

Summer is busy for a reason. The weather is nice, school is out and families can move with the smallest interruption to normal life. If a summer move still appeals to you, call early in the year to talk with a moving company. Start your planning off by calling National Van Lines for a free, no-obligation estimate. After, a professional mover will assess your inventory in person or through the use of an inventory worksheet. This gives them a specific idea of what you are moving, allowing them to give you an accurate quote, good for 60 days.

Use this to your advantage. Call early. Be the first in line and get that ‘Black Friday’ summer deal before everyone else!

Rethink Time Off

As stated above, the main reason families like to move in the summer is the reliable weather and the break in school attendance. Summer also means roads, hotels and resorts are nearly full. The season is prime time for many industries who benefit from nice weather. The benefits on the flip side is the absence of crowds. Yes, switching schools and changing jobs outside of summer can result in a few more complications, but the time off will feel like an extra break. Days of driving between your old home and your new home can be turned into a vacation, all the more enjoyable because of the smaller crowds wherever you go.

Leave summer as it should be, a vacation from the norm. Let other people scramble during the moving industry’s ‘Black Friday.’ You can enjoy yourself, take it easy and move when the crowds aren’t so large.

Personalized Attention

With a smaller flow of customers outside of summer, moving companies are able to provide even more personalized attention. You’ll find our call center extremely helpful, happy to answer any question you may have about National Van Lines or your moving plans. While we are just as happy to tend to your needs during the summer, your phone call will be one among many more. There won’t be any waiting lines for you when you move outside of our ‘Black Friday’ summer.

Discuss an off-season move with our experts, today. Call National Van Lines at 877-590-2810.

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