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Top Four Moving Tips of Frequent Movers

Moving is among the top stressful situations we ever experience, regardless of whether the move is related to good or bad events. From packing to relocation, the moving process is full of unique challenges. Part of the hallenge is how infrequently the average family moves. Typical families move only every five to seven years. Lucky for them, National Van Lines moves many families who are accustomed to relocation and corporate account transfers. The following moving tips are the four biggest recommendations these pros have for moving long distance.

Book a Mover At Least a Month in Advance

Moving a household requires a lot of preparation on the end of both the family and the van line. Long distance movers can have their schedules fill up rapidly, especially during the summer. Choosing a van line at least one month in advance will make it more likely you will be able to move on the exact date you choose.

Hiring a mover can provide a huge stress relief as they often offer additional services, such as packing and storage. While optional, taking advantage of these services often provides a cheaper moving experience. Once you have them booked, you can organize the rest of your time around preparing your family for the big move.

Plan Meals to Make Packing Easier

People rarely consider the food they buy in the weeks preceding their long distance move. A savvy moving tip is to move with as little food in tow as possible. Van lines often move by the pound, meaning transportation of heavy food products, such as canned goods, can add unnecessary expenses. Frozen items can also cause trouble, especially during long distance moves. Your mover cannot transport frozen items, meaning they will likely be left behind; the money spent on them, wasted.

Planning out meals for the week preceding a long distance move can ensure your family enjoys eating their favorite meals without creating unnecessary waste. If you happen to have a few food items left over on the day of the move, there’s no need to worry. Canned goods and other non-perishables can be put to good use as donations to a local pantry.

Plan a Short Vacation or Family Visit Near Your New Address

When you choose to move with a national van line, you have peace of mind, knowing your belongings are being handled with care. You will be given a range of days during which your mover will arrive at your destination. This range is largely due to hauling commitments with other families whose possessions may be in tow along with your own and legal driving limits. Big moving vans can only move so fast and are regulated by the Department of Transportation to adhere to these strict driving limits, ensure commuters on the road, and your belongings remain safe for the duration of the trip.

More than likely, you will arrive at your destination before your van line. Make plans to take a short vacation, stay in a hotel or visit family near your new address to reduce the stress of your move. Make sure to pack all the items your family will need for a short vacation in your car. Planning a short vacation or family visit around your move has the added bonus of assisting in your adjustment to the new area. Lay back and relax, knowing your memories are being moved with care.

Save a Travel Emergency Fund

When it comes to long distance moves, most people are concerned about the cost of hiring a moving company, but forget about the cost of moving themselves. Most families choose to drive cross country to their new home, as this allows them to keep basic essentials with them at all times. Unexpected weather or car trouble can result in travel delays and added expense. Don’t let this thought worry you. With a travel emergency fund saved up, you’ll have no worries about paying for a hotel room or seeking out car repairs when necessary.

In most cases, your cross-country relocation will go by smoothly, but simply having an emergency fund on hand will result in peace of mind that will stick with you throughout the duration of your move.

With the average family moving every five to seven years, moving long distances can seem daunting, but there’s no reason to let yourself get stressed out. Take these moving tips from savvy movers to heart and you’ll find moving can be a simple, smooth process.

There are enough items to worry about when you are relocating long distance, so why not allow our team at National Van Lines to remove some of the hassles for you? Give us a call at (800) 676-9270.

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